VN welcomes more investment in infrastructure development

Thursday, 04/08/2016
Viet Nam will facilitate potential and experienced investors' investment in infrastructure development, affirmed Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung at his reception for French Executive Vice-President of Business Development for VINCI Concessions on August 3.

The Deputy PM hailed VINCI’s interests and desires to expand cooperation in investment and exploitation in highways in Viet Nam.

Viet Nam’s tasks till 2020 are to connect North-South highways and develop highways in its regions, said Deputy PM Dung, adding that it will be an opportunity for foreign investors to Viet Nam to invest in infrastructure.

He proposed VINCI leaders to work with Vietnamese ministries, agencies and partners to launch cooperative initiatives.

Speaking at the reception, Mr. Fadi Selwan affirmed that VINCI expects to cooperate with the Vietnamese Government and partners in highway development as well as exchange experience and transfer technology to promote highways in Viet Nam.

VINCI Concessions is Europe’s leading transport infrastructure concession operator. It operates in the motorway, bridge and tunnel, rail, stadium and parking facility sectors.


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