ABS: BOD approved to issue shares for dividend payment

Tuesday, 14/07/2020
ABS: BOD approved to issue shares for dividend payment

The Board resolution dated July 11, 2020, the BOD of Binh Thuan Agriculture Services JSC approved the following issues:

1)      Approving the stock issuance to pay dividend for 2019:

-          Issue volume: 7,200,000 shares (equivalent to 25% number of outstanding shares)

-          Par value: VND 10,000

-          Total value (based on par value): VND 72,000,000,000

-          Issue ratio: 10:2.5 (shareholder who owns 01 share will receive 2.5 new shares).

-          Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will not be rounded down to dozen, the fractional shares due to rounding down will be cancelled.

-          Time of implementation: expected in Q3.2020.

2)      Approving the dossier of stock issuance to pay dividend:

-          Report on the stock issuance to pay dividend;

-          Business Registration Certificate;

-          Organization and Operation Charter;

-          Audited financial statements in 2019;

-          Financial statements in Quarter 1/2020.

-          Resolution on the Annual General Meeting 2020;

-          The Board resolution approved to carry out stock issuance and the issuance documents;

-          Other documents.

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