PMG: Notice of stock issuance for dividend payment

Wednesday, 05/08/2020
PMG: Notice of stock issuance for dividend payment

Petro Center Corporation announces the information on the stock issuance for the 2019 dividend payment:

1)      Stock name: Stock ofPetro Center Corporation

2)      Stock type: common share

3)      Par value: VND10,000/share

4)      Total issued volume: 42,124,094 shares

5)      Outstanding volume: 42,124,094 shares

6)      Treasury volume: 0 shares

7)      Expected issue volume: 4,212,409 shares

8)      Total expected issue value at par value: VND42,124,094,000

9)      Issue ratio: 10% (Those who own 100 shares will receive 10 new shares)

10)  Financial resource: the accumulated undistributed profit according to the 2019 audited financial statements.

11)  Record date: August 18, 2020

12)  Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will be rounded down. The fractional shares (if any) will be cancelled.   

Theo HSX

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