PMG: Result of stock issuance to pay dividends for 2019

Friday, 21/08/2020
PMG: Result of stock issuance to pay dividends for 2019

    Petro Center Corporation reports the result of stock issuance to to pay dividends for 2019 as follows:

1)      Information on stock:

-         Stock name: Petro Center Corporation

-         Stock type: common share

-         Par value: 10,000 dongs/share

-         Number of outstanding shares: 42,124,094 shares

-         Number of treasury shares: 0 share

-         Number of shares expected to be issued: 4,212,409 shares

-         Purpose to issue shares: to issue shares for 2019 dividend payment.

-         Record date: August 18, 2020

-         Expected trading date: September 2020.

2)      Result of stock issuance:

-        Number of distributed shares: 4,212,184 shares

-        Number of distributed shareholders: 648 shareholders

-        Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will be rounded down, the fractional shares will be cancelled.

-        Number of current shares on August 20, 2020; Of which:

+ Number of outstanding shares: 46,336,278 shares

+ Number of treasury shares:  0 share.


Theo HSX

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