FDT: FDT under alert

Friday, 20/09/2019
FDT: FDT under alert
Based on the Regulation on securities listing attached to the Decision No.639/QD-SGDHN dated 13/10/2016 of CEO of HNX (Listing Regulation) and Decision No. 958/QD-SGDHN dated 24/11/2017 on the amendment, HNX announces that the following stock has been put under alert:
- Issuer: Fiditour Joint Stock Company
- Stock code: FDT
- Reason: Late submission of audited financial statement 2019 (over 15 days), which was in alert situation according to Point 1.6, Clause 1, Article 13 of Listing regulations.
- Effective date: 23/9/2019
Theo HNX

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