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Abbr name FPT
Head Quarter No.17 Pham Van Bach Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay Ha Noi
Tel (+84) 24730073
Fax (+84) 24376874
Industry Technology

Board of Directors

Name Current Position Shares Owned
Truong Gia Binh Chairman of Management Board 55,455,025
Hoang Huu Chien Chief Accountant 209,562
Nguyen The Phuong Deputy General Director 982,928
Hoang Viet Anh Deputy General Director 650,346
Vu Anh Tu Director of Technology
Nguyen Van Khoa General Director 358,233
Nguyen Viet Thang Head of Supervisors Board 88,350
Jean Charles Belliol Independent Member of Management Board
Dan E Khoo Independent Member of Management Board
Hamaguchi Tomokazu Independent Member of Management Board
Le Song Lai Member of Management Board
Do Cao Bao Member of Management Board 8,869,545
Nguyen Khai Hoan Member of Supervisors Board 509,628
Nguyen Thi Kim Anh Member of Supervisors Board
Bui Nguyen Phuong Chau Person in charge of Corporate governace 114,116
Bui Quang Ngoc Vice Chairman of Management Board 19,487,713

Business Activities

Corporate History

    • 1988: Formerly known as Food Technology Company was established;
    • 1999 -2000: Began developments and exports of software to Europe, North America and Japan; Established first foreign branch offices in India and U.S;
    • 2002: Company was equitized and renamed as FPT Technology Investment and Development Joint Stock Company with an initial charter capital of VND20 billion;
    • 2006: Company's stock was listed on HOSE (December);
    • 2014: The company proceeded the first M&A case in the field of information technology in foreign market;
    • 2015: FPT raised its charter capital to VND3,457 billion after issuing 1.7 million ESOP shares;
    • 14 April 2017: Charter capital was increased to VND4,617,230,540,000;
    • 22 June 2017: Charter capital was increased to VND5,309,611,050,000;
    • 23 April 2018: Charter capital was increased to VND5,336,156,610,000;
    • 19 June 2018: Charter capital was increased to VND6,136,367,720,000;
    • 16 April 2019: Charter capital was increased to VND6,167,039,720,000;
    • 11 June 2019: Charter capital was increased to VND6,783,586,880,000; 
    • 13 April 2020: Charter capital was increased to VND6,817,504,780,000;
    • 04 June 2020: Charter capital was increased to VND7,839,874,860,000;
    • 06 May 2021: Charter capital was increased to VND7,891,972,540,000;

Scopes of Business

    1.      Technology

    • Digital transformation based on technologies: AI, RPA, IoT, BigData, Cloud,… 
    • Specialized solutions in fields: Banking - Finance, Public Finance, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Transport, Electricity, Water, Gas,… 
    • Technological system integration and transformation. 
    • Solution based on technology platforms: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, ESRI. 
    • Software testing and quality assurance services. 
    • Microcircuit design, embedded software manufacturing, CAD/CAE…

    2.      Telecommunication

    • Telecommunication services: Internet, exlusived leasd line, data center, VoIP phone, value-added services, international and interprovincial connection, Cloud and IoT services…
    • FPT television services: FPT television, FPT Play, Internet and mobile platform based entertainment services.
    • Digital content services: digital newspapers including,,, online advertisement, eClick AdNetwork smart advertising system. 

    3. Education

    • Elementary, secondary and highshool education and training.
    • Vocational, undergraduate and post-graduate education.
    • International affiliate programs and international student development programs.
    • Training programs for enterprises.
    • Online university.

Development and Investment Strategies

    • Becoming a Digital Enterprise and a leading Digital Conversion company in the world;
    • Providing digital solutions, platforms and services to enable clients to be transformed into Digital Enterprises/Organizations operating based on near realtime data;
    • Developing actively Digital Government, Smart Transport, Smart Healthcare, Smart Education, Smart Energy, Smart Telecommunciation, Smart Production;
    • Researching and developing core technologies of digital conversion and digital technological services e.g. artificial intelligence, big data analysis, Internet of things, and robotics;
    • Developing comprehensive digital conversion models with a full range of services from consultation, systematization to entrusted services;

Company's Abilities

FPT Corporation (FPT), formerly known as Food Technology Company, was established in 1988. The Company has its main business in software, information and system integration, telecommucation, education and training. FPT has been put into operation under the model of  a joint stock company since 2002. FPT owns more than 100 licenced software solutions in specialized areas, and internet network across 59/63 provinces and cities of Vietnam. FPT provides educational and training services through FPT University, FUNiX Online University - The first online university of Vietnam. In addition, the Company invests in associates specialzing in distribution an retail of technological products, securities and portfolio management. FPT has been listed on Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE) since December 2006.



Company's Position

    • Software, information and system integration: FPT owns more than 100 licenced software solutions in specialized areas, including government management, public finance, finance - banking, education, Healthcare, and transport. The Company is the high-level partner of AWS, GE, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, SAP, and Symantec. In addition, FPT has been participating in large-scaled IT projects as a general contractor.
    • Telecommucation: FPT has already developed its internet infrastructure across 59/63 provinces and cities, owned the North-South internet axis, Central Highlands axis, international axis accessing to China, Cambodia, Laos, and inter-provincial axises among 59 provinces and cities with international broadbrand capacity up to 700 Gbps and 4 data centres.
    • Digital contents: FPT manages and operates eClick AdNetwork smart adverstising system and digital newspapers including, và The Company holds its first position in online adverstisement in Vietnam.
    • Education and training: FPT provides educational and training services through FPT University, FUNiX Online University - The first online university of Vietnam.
    • Distribution and retail of technological products: As a distributor of over 30 big technological partners, FPT has already developed a distribution and retail network with 1,500 distribution agents and 473 FPT Shops in 63/63 provinces and cities.

Major Projects

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  • Investment in fibre channel network in big cities.
  • Project of software village F-Ville in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Area: total area of 28,000 square meters.
  • FPT Complex: on an area of 5.9 hectares in Da Nang.

Company's Prospects

    • The industrial revolution 4.0 is changing the ways of living, working and communication based on technologies e.g. IoT, AI, big data analysis, robotics. Vietnam faces with both a big opportunity and challenges. It is essential to pioneer insteady of being left behind. This is also a special chance for FPT to change strongly and achieve successes in coming years.


Business Risks

    • FPT has to face with fierce competition from international and domestic technological Groups. In software export, there are not nearly domestic competitors while FPT is exposed to competition from Indian, Chinese technological Groups with strong capacity in software outsourcing. In telecommunication, FPT has to compete with VNPT and Viettel Telecom in marketshare. In addition, FPT's educational system is forced to compete with large-scale Group e.g. Vingroup, TH.

Shareholder Structure

Owner Type Proportion Updated
Foreign Holding 49 17/06/2021
Others 45.93 17/06/2021
State Holding 5.07 17/06/2021

Major Shareholders

Owner Type Stakes
State Capital Investment Corporation 46,019,295
Red River Holding 21,041,999
Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited 12,293,652
VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Ltd. 12,138,849
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellchaft, London Branch 9,604,598
Vietnam Holding Ltd 8,557,812
Norges Bank 5,827,661
Wareham Group Limited 5,033,173
PXP Vietnam Emerging Equity Fund 4,867,681
Amersham Industries Limited 4,123,953
Vietnam Equity Holding 3,636,506
Vietnam Dragon Fund Limited 3,589,550
CTBC Vietnam Equity Fund 3,563,022
Deutsche Asset Management (Asia) Limited 2,190,196
Grinling International Limited 2,129,489
DC Developing Markets Strategies Public Limited Company 1,970,000
Balestrand Limited 1,631,147
Venner Group Limited 1,567,038
Hanoi Investments Holdings Limited 740,000
KB Vietnam Focus Balanced Fund 670,092
SSI Sustainable Competitive Advantage Fund 480,741
Samsung Vietnam Securities Master Investment Trust (Equity) 439,007
Lloyd George Indian Ocean Master Fund 350,000
Techcom Equity Fund 278,249
Viet Capital Balanced Fund 272,550
Manulife Balanced Fund 228,303
Eastspring Investments Vietnam Navigator Fund 227,725
Manulife Equity Fund 149,380
The CH/SE Asia Investment Holdings (Singapore) PTE., Ltd. 124,798
SSIAM VNX50 ETF 118,826
Baoviet Prospect Equity Open-ended Fund 98,877
Bao Viet Bond Fund 85,980
Bao Viet Fund Management Company Limited 75,042
DFVN Capital Appreciation Fund 67,000
BVFED 63,313
SSI Bond Fund 42,000
VietinBank Fund Management Company Limited 30,000
Saigon Investments Limited 25,000
TG Real Estate Company Limited 7,483
FPT Securities Joint Stock Company 367
BDM Trading and Invesment Joint Stock Company 79
BaoMinh Insurance Corporation 5
SCIC Investment Single Member Company Limited
Orchid Capital Investments Pte. Ltd.
Vietnam Securities Investment Fund
Vietnam Blue-chips Fund
VinaWealth Equity Opportunity Fund (VEOF)
MB Capital Growth Fund
MB Capital Value Fund
VinaWealth Enhanced Fixed Income Fund
Mirae Asset Vietnam Growth Equity Fund
VCBF Blue Chip Fund
VCBF Tactical Balanced Fund
Vietnam Equity Special Access Fund
Vietnam Equities Investment Fund
VND Active Fund
VinaCapital Insights Balanced Fund
Vietnam Capital Protection Oriented Fund
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